It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most

Our lives jumbled together promises that we’ll both live forever in our daughters and grandchildren’s hearts.

It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most
By Author Donna Jean McDunn

Tomorrow is our 42nd wedding anniversary. Yep, that’s right, forty-two years of wedded…life. Were you perhaps expecting I would say “bliss”?

Marriage isn’t all happiness and flowers and I would never describe it as blissful. Marriage is work, more work than any teenager could ever have imagined. The only thing harder is “raising teenagers”, but of course we didn’t know that, not then anyway. We were two teenagers in love and didn’t know or care how hard life would get.

It didn’t matter to us that Pat had just received his draft notice and he would be leaving in three weeks. It didn’t matter that I would be left alone for the better part of two years worrying that he might have to go to Viet Nam and maybe never come back. We had a friend who died over there. He’d only been there a few months.

But we were lucky, Pat never left the States, and I went with him whenever I could. I’d never been away from our small town or my family and we had no idea how homesick we, okay I, would become and how quick our lives would change. Our first baby girl was born a year later in August of 1971, but within the next six years there would be two more. We had to grow up fast.

Aren’t they beautiful?They are all grown up now.  Where did the days go?

There were so many ups and downs in our marriage just as there are in every marriage. The birth of our three daughters was the ups, but the bills that accompanied each one were the downs. According to statistics the hardest thing on a marriage is money or I should say the lack of money.

We had plenty of that all right, the lack of money that is, but over the years it has gotten better. However, until our daughters finally graduated and stopped moving back home every few months, it seemed impossible to see ourselves ever living debt free. Then miraculously we paid off our credit cards and in four years our house will really belong to us instead of to the bank.

Looking back over the years, I can honestly say, money never played a role in making or breaking our marriage. For me, it was the little things that most often threatened our life together. A careless comment or the lack of an encouraging comment at an appropriate time, were for me the hardest things to ignore and forget. I’m not saying I never made the same mistakes. I’m sure I did, I’m human too, but if our marriage was doomed to fail and I was the one to call it quits, those comments or lack of, would have been the reason.

It still is.

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same as I do, but I need to know I am appreciated and loved and I shouldn’t have to ask if it’s true. Without those two things, I wouldn’t have a reason to stay, not even for my daughters. In the long haul of things, Pat has always managed to come through and give me what I needed.

Have I done the same for him? I’d like to think so, but to be honest, I’ve never asked him if he has ever wanted to leave our marriage and I don’t want to know now if he ever did. There are some things better left unsaid, even in a marriage or maybe especially in a marriage and maybe that’s why it’s worked for us for forty-two years.

Our eight grandchildren are now what holds us together as a family and for them we would both walk through fire, just the same as we did when our daughters lived at home. I just hope the grandkids never ask us to co-sign a loan, because that will never happen. We had to learn the hard way: Fire can be put out with water, but a co-sign could last forever, especially at our age.

These guys are why grandma and grandpa stay young at heart

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7 responses to “It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most

  1. Hey Donna,

    This is a great post, one of my favorites so far. Great picture of the kids and grandkids too.

    By the way, Happy 42nd Anniversary to you and Pat. And another thing, I hope you never feel unappreicated. I for one appreciate you very much.

  2. Thanks Deb, I can always count on you.

  3. Donna, I am truly inspired every time I read anything you’ve written. I am so proud to call you my Aunt & friend:) I have never been much of a writer but do love to read. You keep writing & I will keep reading!! God Bless you & Pat. xoxoxo

    Kellie Wakehouse-Gustafson

    • Thanks Kellie, I’m glad you liked my blog. I haven’t had many readers yet, but I’m still holding out hope. I’m so glad you like to read. It helps keep us young. I’m pretty proud of you too. You have truly grown up to be a beautiful and good person. I couldn’t have asked for a better niece.

  4. From one Donna to another, great post. I’ve been married to my husband, Fred, for 40 years. No kids, just dogs. Fred is extremely supportive and communicative so I hear comments of appreciation and love regularly and I’m sure that has been an important factor in the satisfaction with our marriage. Congratulations on your story contest results. Press on!

  5. Hi Donna – I liked your blog. Jon & I have been married 43 years last January and I can relate to your story. We are blessed with 2 children, their spouses and 4 grandsons ages 3 – 16. I agree – no cosigning on anything. I would help with higher education expenses as much as possible though. Keep on blogging and I look forward to the next entry.

    Sharon House, author
    Brimstone and Water at:

  6. Thanks Sharon and Donna for the comments. It looks like we are all old about the same age. It’s really great to have comments on my blog. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen. Thanks again to each of you.

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