The Future of Fiction–From Tiny to Titanic, How to Claim Your Niche

Since I’m in the process of writing a series, Book Two of the Nightmares Series will be released soon, I felt Kristen Lamb’s blog post fit right in. What do you think?

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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Last post, I talked about the increasing popularity of series, novellas, shorts and “episodic” writing. Of course, this assertion probably stirred panic in those writers who simply aren’t wired to write series. Personally, I would like to try writing a series, but we’ll see. I might be a stand-alone gal, too.

Let me offer a bit of comfort. The rule that we shouldn’t write to the market still holds true in this case. Just like we shouldn’t decide to write a Vampire-Post-Apacolyptic-Self-Help because those are hot, we shouldn’t take on shorts or series if they aren’t our thing.

Epics, Shorts, and Series are NOT New

What many people might miss is that epics and shorts are not new. With the advent of the nifty thingamajig—the “printing press”—pamphlets were all the rage back in the 1800s. In fact, if we look at early writing, we see two very divergent sizes…

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5 responses to “The Future of Fiction–From Tiny to Titanic, How to Claim Your Niche

  1. Yes very timely. I think the words”there will always be an audience” rings true. I also like her advice about not going after ‘the latest’ topic. As a writer do you feel any of that pressure to go after the hottest topics or are you quite settled with your characters?

    • Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by. I love my characters, Emily and Tony and I’ve began book three of the series and I have an idea for book four. I’ve really had fun writing about psychics and serial killers, but I also want to write romance, mystery and maybe a little suspense/thriller. If it happens to be one of the “hot” topics, that’s great, but if not, I’ll write it anyway and hopefully my publisher will want to publish it, too.

      Later this year or early next, I hope to have another book released that is completely different from the young adult, paranormal books of the Nightmares Series.

      The story is about a 55 year old woman who has been verbally and emotionally abused her whole life, first by her father and then the man she marries. After 35 years of marriage, he dies suddenly and she’s free to find true love with Mason, but then is stalked by someone who wants her dead. I’ve had my editor read it and she loved it, but made some suggestions I need to take care of before submitting it.

      Sorry about how long this is. You asked and I love talking about my stories.

      • Wow you are a very diverse writer Donna Jean! I love hearing about your stories. You have accomplished so much and so much ahead! I appreciate you sharing this with me. I will be waiting to hear more. All the very best.

  2. Love that you are writing so many books. Thanks for reposting this article. I missed it and it was good!

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