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A Review of Tex and the God Squad by Author Stuart West

Tex and the God Squad By Stuart West

Tex and the God Squad By Stuart  R. West

The third book of Tex, the Witch Boy series begins with the suicide of a classmate. Everyone at school is shocked and fearful, unable to understand why Bittany, a pretty, popular cheerleader would suddenly kill herself.

In spite of the fact that Tex had never spoken to her, he suspects there is more to her death than what anyone believes and begins asking questions that makes him and his friends, very unpopular and targets for whoever is hiding the truth.

Tex’s intentions when he shows up at the girl’s family home after the funeral, is to show his support and respect to her family. But soon after arriving, the questions that have bothered him from the beginning, become too much for Tex to ignore and he does a little investigation of his own.

He discovers something in her room that could prove if the girl had committed suicide, she was driven to do it by someone else. Now the big question is who would do such a thing and why? But finding the answers to these questions would ultimately lead to Brittany’s killer and a very disturbing truth about a sinister church.

I found this well written tale of murder and deceit hard to put down. I’ve also read the first two stand alone books of this series and loved them both and just like Tex, the Witch Boy and Tex, and the Gangs of Suburbia, Stuart R. West’s third book does not disappoint. The characters of Tex, Olivia and their friends are well rounded and highly developed characters, making the book very entertaining and real. I highly recommend it!

Many of Stuart’s books can be found at MuseItUp Publishing’s website, Amazon , Barnes and Noble and many other places books can be found. If interested in learning more about Stuart R. West and his books, please visit his blog.

I Don’t Want to be One of Those!

VISIONS book two of THE NIGHTMARES SERIES  Emily must help a murdered child find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from possessing and destroying innocent lives.

Emily must help a murdered child find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from possessing and destroying innocent lives.

The second book in The Nightmares Series, Visions, is now available on MuseItUp Publishing’s and Amazon’s websites and also many other places where e-books can be found, but that’s not what this post is about.

I feel as though I’ve neglected my blog the last couple of weeks months okay! Years! I’m a terrible blogger. I admit it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging, because I do. It’s really because I want to talk about my books and seriously, it’s not that I expect anyone to read them. I just like mentioning their titles, Nightmares, Visions and next year, The Rose Stalker and if that should happen to inspire someone to buy, well then that’s great. I’m not trying to force anyone into reading them, I just like telling people what they’re about.

Book One of The Nightmares Series: Emily must regain her memory of the past before a psychopath kills her and those she loves.

Book One of The Nightmares Series: Emily must regain her memory of the past before a psychopath kills her and those she loves.

Take Nightmares for example: It’s a paranormal/mystery about Emily. She’s eighteen and getting ready to graduate high school when a mysterious voice tells her she must remember her past and accept her gift of clairvoyance  in order to prevent her own demise and others.

The really exciting news, Nightmares will be published sometime between now and Christmas as a paperback. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

I was talking the other day to another author who agrees with me, that people get tired of always having someone trying to sell them their books. It gets really annoying when that’s all they talk about.

Everywhere you go, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it doesn’t matter, there are ads at every click of the mouse. Buy My Book! And whatever you do, don’t give them your email address or you’ll come home to find hundreds of “Buy My Book” emails.

I don’t want to be one of those people. If I can’t think of something else to write about…well then, I’m just not going to blog, and I thought I should explain my reasons.

Say! Did I mention that The Rose Stalker will be released sometime in the spring/summer of 2015? Isn’t that exciting? I don’t have a cover for it yet, but I’ll share it when I do. But don’t worry, I won’t mention “buy my book” even once.

Please leave a comment and make some suggestions about what you would like me to write about. I can use all the help anyone can provide.




The cover for Visions: book two of The Nightmares Series  was created by Charlie (Charlotte) Volnek, a very talented cover artist. The book  is in the process of being edited and published by MuseItUp Publishing, in May or June 2014. I hope! As soon as the book is ready, and all the editing is finished, I will post a short excerpt from it.

For now, I will say that many of the characters from the first book return, plus a few other interesting characters that will cause problems and disrupt life for Emily and Tony. But there will be one who will return and give Emily the forgiveness she’s craved since she was a child and failed to save her best friend.

Here is “Visions” described in one sentence: Emily must help a murdered child and her family find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from destroying innocent lives.

If you haven’t read “Nightmares”, it’s okay, because the books are “stand alone” books. In other words, you can read one and fully enjoy it, without reading the other, but of course I hope you’ll read both!

Also coming in May or June is the paperback copy of “Nightmares” and will be available on MuseItUp’s website and also Amazon. You can still find the Kindle version there also and the Nook version at Barnes and Noble.

Check out my short story “Trapped” on Amazon and published in the anthology “Mystery Times Nine 2012” by Buddhapuss Ink.

I love it when I get comments, so please leave me one and tell me what you think of the cover for “Visions”


A mysterious "voice" warns Emily that she is in danger. She believes she's losing her mind!

Emily’s visions are a warning that she is in danger. She believes she’s losing her mind!

I promised an excerpt of my debut YA paranormal novel Nightmares, which will be released in May 2013 and here it is, but first I want to mention the interview I just completed. The interview is up and running at this very moment on Natter and Review. I would so appreciate it if anyone has a few free moments to take a look and learn about me and what inspired the idea for my book. Feel free to share this link and any of the others, with any or all of your friends. Here is the link to the interview:

This short excerpt is from chapter five. It is rather short, but gives a vivid picture of why Emily believes she’s going crazy and just so you know where it is taking place, she is alone inside her boyfriend’s car.

And now for the excerpt:

She knew it was too soon to expect Tony’s return, but peered into the darkness anyway. She saw her own distorted reflection in the glass. The images shifted and changed as she watched. She felt herself being drawn into the shadows until they completely dissolved. She saw the child from her nightmares lying in a bed asleep, while a terrible thunderstorm raged outside.

Lightning flashed around the room and a crack of thunder rattled the windows.. The child sat up and for the first time Emily could see her face and blond hair.. The girl’s eyes widened with fear when a dog howled. She scooted off the bed.

Her heart hammered inside her own chest to the same rhythm as the child’s. Emily wanted to warn the little girl to lie down and stay where she’d be safe. She wanted to tell her it was too late, she’d already run out of time.

“No!” Emily screamed when the child ran toward the window. “Don’t look.”

The website where "Nightmares" can be found.

The website where “Nightmares” can be found.

So there you have the short excerpt. Does it excite your interest? I’d really enjoy reading your honest, but kind, opinion so please leave a comment.

If you are interested in viewing Nightmares on MuseItUp’s website, click on the title/link where you can pre-order it at a discounted cost and save 20%: Nightmares  

My short story Trapped, included in the anthology Mystery Times Nine 2012 has been released on Amazon.

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Gus’ Big Adventure

Do Characters and Worlds Haunt Your Brain?

Gus didn’t enjoy his adventure as much as he thought he would, but he did make a new friend.

Do Characters And Worlds Haunt Your Brain?

By Author Donna Jean McDunn

What is it about writing stories that forces us to write? Is it the characters in our heads clamoring to get out or the ideas of putting together a world different than our own?

I’ve had characters so insistent that I write their story, they keep me awake at night and some of those characters haven’t even been human. Like Gus, he’s a mouse. He wanted an adventure so badly that once I met him, he wouldn’t leave me alone.

Believe it or not, I first met Gus while I was working with my daughter Jamie cleaning an apartment. That’s what Jamie and her husband David do for a living, they paint and clean apartments when people move out of them. I sometimes help them on weekends.

Anyway, on this particular day, I was on my hands and knees, cleaning under a sink and I started thinking about mice. Well, you know, under a sink is a place mice often live. I’m not really afraid of mice, but if one were to show its self suddenly, I might scream. So I was watching for mice when this idea popped into my head. What if a mouse were to get lost? What if a city mouse suddenly found himself in the country or vice versa?

At that moment Gus introduced himself. You see Gus lived with Billy. Billy was Gus’ friend and he took care of Gus. Billy would read to Gus about pirates and adventures on the high seas, but then Billy would put Gus in his cage where he was safe and Billy would go on adventures of his own. Gus wanted to go with Billy, just once.

Gus lived in my head after that until I finally gave him his adventure in “Gus’ Big Adventure” which can be read at

Have you ever had a character like Gus haunting your brain until you write his story? Some characters have a specific location in mind or something different in their world that doesn’t exist in your own. For me, that was Emily. She kept bugging me until I wrote her story and gave her, her own world?

If you’ve had a character like Emily, your character may have wanted a world set in the far off future or in the past, but my character wanted her world right here in Iowa at a location that’s in the north east corner of the state. I live on the western side of the state, twelve miles from the Missouri River. Emily’s world is 250 miles away from mine, but Emily wouldn’t take no for an answer. She insisted that’s where she had to live and then she sprang something else on me.

She’s a psychic and something terrible happened in her past so bad, she didn’t want to remember ever having her “gift” or what happened to make her deny it.

Now I personally don’t know anyone who is psychic. I’ve met a couple of people who claimed to be and they even got paid for doing it, but I didn’t really know them.

And I’ve never met anyone in my small town that claimed to be a psychic either. I’m not saying they don’t exist in my real world, I’m just saying I’ve never met them. But psychics do exist in the world I created in my book Nightmares. Emily is one of them and she lives in a small town in Iowa and her world has psychics, a ghost and a serial killer in it.

The worlds I create in my fiction, are worlds similar to my own, but yet very different. So when I write stories about people who have the “gift” for a little while, I get to live in their world with them. I get to see everything through their eyes and feel what they feel. It’s heady stuff and I love it. I guess that’s another reason why I write.

What about you? Why do you write? Do you have characters in your head begging to come out? Or maybe you don’t write, but you love to read. Do you read so you can live in those other worlds for a short time too?

As always, I love comments and appreciate your opinions or questions. If you leave your blog or website address, I’ll visit and comment. If you’d rather be found on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, I will like, be friends, follow, or Tweet.

My facebook author page is: My facebook profile page is: Twitter is:

It’s been said that writing is a lonely business and that’s true, but if we writers and readers continue to support one another, then we are no longer alone.

Ghosts and Imagination by Donna Jean McDunn

What is it about ghosts that fascinate us? Do they live only in our imaginations? Or do they live in the dark shadows of the night, waiting for their victims to fall asleep? Maybe it depends on what kind of ghost we’re talking about. Is it a ghost, like Casperthe friendly ghost, who only seeks friendship, or is the ghost a little more lethal, like Nichol Kidman as Grace in The Others? She wanted to keep a secret hidden at all cost, so she didn’t have to face what she had done?

I love writing about both kinds of ghosts, the good and the scary. I love reading about them too. Many of my favorite books and movies have been about ghosts and spirits. Which brings me to another question, are ghosts and spirits the same thing? Were spirits once living and breathing humans who died, and now are unseen entities that wreak havoc or good, depending on their agenda, on the unsuspecting.

If ghosts were humans who passed into the spirit world, does that passing automatically make them a spirit or does staying in our world make them a ghost?

Since I write fiction, for me, the answer is another question. Does it really matter?

As a fiction writer, I get to decide what their fate will be. In The Merriam Webster Dictionary, fiction is defined as “something (as in a story) invented by the imagination”. Those words, “invented by the imagination”, is the key to writing fiction.

The characters in a story can be whatever we want to imagine them to be. They can be evil or good, sad or happy, brave or cowardly. Maybe the characters start out as good or cowardly and by the end of the story, they’ve evolved into evil or brave. Since almost no one is all evil or all good, it’s up to the writer to make believable characters the reader will either love or love to hate, but those characters are only a figment of the writer’s imagination until someone reads their words.

Writers create characters with the written word, but it’s the readers of those words that give them a life with a purpose. Without the reader, the words lie dormant.

I speak to the reader that lives in all of us and thank anyone who reads my words and gives my characters and stories the life I have imagined for them. Without a reader, my characters are only words on a page.

If by chance, the reader is also a writer of fiction, my wish for you, is to keep writing and inventing characters I can read about and there for I can give life to your work in return.

Please, leave a comment and allow me to find your words, whether they are about ghosts or whatever that has inspired you to use your imagination to create. It’s been said that writing is a lonely business and that’s true, but if we writers and readers continue to support one another, then we are no longer alone. We have one another to help guide and support us.

Leave me a comment and let me know where I may find your words. I’d love to hear from you and read your work.

Some of my work can be found online: Here’s a direct link to my children’s story “Pack Leader” at Knowonder Magazine.

I also have a children’s story, “The Golden Stallion” online at Once on the site click on the Story Library and then Children’s Stories

In May, my children’s story, “Gus’ Big Adventure” will be published at Bumples Magazine.

In June my first adult short story, “Saving Katie” will be published at