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A Review of Tex and the God Squad by Author Stuart West

Tex and the God Squad By Stuart West

Tex and the God Squad By Stuart  R. West

The third book of Tex, the Witch Boy series begins with the suicide of a classmate. Everyone at school is shocked and fearful, unable to understand why Bittany, a pretty, popular cheerleader would suddenly kill herself.

In spite of the fact that Tex had never spoken to her, he suspects there is more to her death than what anyone believes and begins asking questions that makes him and his friends, very unpopular and targets for whoever is hiding the truth.

Tex’s intentions when he shows up at the girl’s family home after the funeral, is to show his support and respect to her family. But soon after arriving, the questions that have bothered him from the beginning, become too much for Tex to ignore and he does a little investigation of his own.

He discovers something in her room that could prove if the girl had committed suicide, she was driven to do it by someone else. Now the big question is who would do such a thing and why? But finding the answers to these questions would ultimately lead to Brittany’s killer and a very disturbing truth about a sinister church.

I found this well written tale of murder and deceit hard to put down. I’ve also read the first two stand alone books of this series and loved them both and just like Tex, the Witch Boy and Tex, and the Gangs of Suburbia, Stuart R. West’s third book does not disappoint. The characters of Tex, Olivia and their friends are well rounded and highly developed characters, making the book very entertaining and real. I highly recommend it!

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Is There Goodness In Murder And Mayhem?

They might be friends or they could be strangers. In the face of mayhem, people care about each other.

They might be friends or they could be strangers. In the face of mayhem, people care about each other.

By Donna Jean McDunn

Sometimes thinking of something to write about can be very difficult, so tonight I went on the internet to find an inspiration. Instead all I found were sad and in some cases, horrible stories of murder and mayhem. There was nothing good to report, but after stumbling across this headline “Abandoned Baby’s Mom Found Dead” I had to read it.

Suddenly what was and still is a terrible crime, had mutated into a combined effort of total strangers and one caring police chief, coming together to find the perpetrator of this heinous crime and bring justice to a young woman and her child.

The police chief’s idea was to raise $5,000 for a reward for the arrest and conviction of the person who took this young woman’s life and left an innocent child motherless and abandoned in an apartment complex hallway. The crime has not been solved yet, but there is not any doubt in my mind that it will be.

After I read the short article, I realized there are still many more good people doing good things for others everyday, even in the face of death and mayhem, than there are those causing all the death and mayhem.

These good people aren’t expecting a pat on the back or even a thank you. They do it because they care and when people care, good things happen.

So the next time you read a story about death and mayhem, look for the good, because if you do, I am sure you will find it in the form of a stranger helping others.

As always, I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts, so please leave a comment.

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